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What a profound time to be alive.

Strong and deep times.

There's a rebalancing being invited here on Earth.

 A re-emerging of the Divine Feminine.


Can you feel it sisters? In Your Cells, in your Blood, in your Womb?

Anything not supporting honesty, integrity and true movement is being presented for Alchemy.

So we can truly be of Service here.  

May we all realign with our Soul gifts and offer them back to ourselves, each other and the land.


May everything not in service to wholeness be transformed in the fire of seeing, lovingly held in the bosom of sacred awareness and alchemised into True action.  

I would be honoured to support you on your journey of self discovery through my offerings:
1-1 Healing Journeys, Group Containers and Ceremonies. 


I'd love to hear from you. 

If you would like to connect please contact me here:

With my love,


'My session with Lila was incredible. She creates and holds such wonderful space, the guidance I received to help me move forward was just what I needed to hear; and now I'm putting it into practice everyday and its like I'm finding the magic again within myself.

Through doing the work herself I have seen and experienced the deep well of wisdom Lila is able to access within to support the journey home back into the heart & womb. I cant recommend these sessions enough. Thank you so much.' Annabel

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