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1-1 bespoke journeys with Lila 

My session with lila was incredible; she creates and holds such wonderful space, the guidance i recieved to help me move forward was just what i needed to hear; and now im putting it into practice everyday and its like im finding the magic again within myself. Through doing the work herself I have seen and experienced the deep well of wisdom lila is able to access within to support the journey home back into the heart & womb. I cant recommend these sessions enough. Thank you so much. 


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Bespoke healing sessions with Lila are a deep dive into the spiritual waters of your womb and soul.

An invitation through sacred ceremony, ritual and deep presence, to communicate with the parts of you that are afraid to freely express and live fully. We give those places space to speak, move and sound, allowing transformation and reconnection with your soul’s purpose and all of life. 

Held in a field of heightened consciousness we take a journey into your body, womb and voice to unlock the treasures that will free you from that which blocks your own healing. 

Lila holds single 1-1 sessions

For deeper journey see below and if you're not sure what you need please get in touch to schedule a a free discovery call


All journeys incorporate one or more of the following practices: 


~Akashic Records Guidance

~Ancestral healing 
~Energy healing and clearing

~Womb Healing 

~Voice activation

~Divine Feminine Light energy transmission
~Therapeutic Movement and Yoga 

~Sound healing with Voice, Light Language, Shamanic Drumming, Singing Bowl, Gong

~Sacred Chanting and Mantras

Journey One

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Journey Two

Journey Three

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‘Thank you for our last womb healing session Lila. I followed the impulse to do a session with you although I wasn't clear what exactly I wanted or needed from it.

I instantly felt transported into a deep sacred space that was holding me in love and acceptance. From here it all seemed to unfold naturally. Strong images came up and I had profound and surprising insights about some of my life patterns and conditioning from the ancestral line. This was not a mental understanding which I already had before, but a different kind of knowing that felt so healing.

At the end I felt activated and... satiated. It's been a few weeks since, but I feel the work or better the magic of the session still continuing within me.

So much gratitude for your very unique and magical work.’


'Lila’s presence and depth enable her to hold space in such a profound and loving way, which assisted me to instantaneously reach deeper within myself and process. 
Her care and tenderness create a seamless and safe container, in which I felt completely comfortable to be myself and ask her exactly what was on my heart. I couldn’t recommend her and her ability to tune into these codes enough.'

‘My Womb ceremonies with Lila have been the most gorgeous intimate dive into my inner self. I felt so held and seen by Lila, yet in such an agendaless space, its like the healing and the movements were coming from inside, and Lila was a mid-wife, or a witness to my own birthing. Lila's sound was exquisite and the insights she offered were so precise. I highly recommend treating yourself to one of these deep inner journeys.’


1-1 or Group Bespoke Ceremonies


Marking a new chapter

Rite of passage


Ending of relationship 
With or without Cacao

These are for 1-1 or group ceremonies, please get in touch and we can discuss a purpose made ceremony for you or your group. I'd love to hear from you.

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