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Feminine Essence Yoga 

~Come Home to Body, Womb Magic, Feminine Wisdom~

'How can I describe a class with Lila? As soon as you seat yourself on the yoga mat, Lila takes you and the group off on a magical carpet ride to a place where you can meet your body, breath and consciousness in a brand new way. Lila expertly weaves the strands of yoga postures, breath-work, dancing like a wild banshee, and then pouring a soothing balm into your soul through exquisite songs and chants. You will hear her unique voice accompanied by an array of instruments from ancient times: the drum, the koshi bells, the Tibetan singing bowl. All these elements—which Lila masterfully and carefully curates to fit the mood of the day—mix and mingle and come together in your body and mind in an exquisite, sensual and soul-restoring tapestry.' Heidi


'Lila is a natural teacher and a very experienced yoga practitioner. She has a calmness and empathy that put you at ease immediately enabling a deeper understanding of yourself, your physical being and the essence of yoga itself'.



Saturdays 10-11.30am GMT

on Zoom

Single class £15
76p Transaction fee

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Five class pass £60

£2.10 transaction fee


*Expires 8 weeks from the day you begin

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Important: Once you have paid, please send me an email letting me know at: and I'll send you the Zoom link

'Lila’s classes are inspiring , energising , fun and welcoming . Lila is an experienced, creative teacher and she facilitates sessions which are both meditative and expressive. I’ve been attending her classes for 4 years and always look forward to Saturday class as a beacon in my week!'



Tickets are none refundable and non transferable

'Thank you for your shared knowledge of feminine essences dear Lila & gentle guidance in this morning's Yoga class. Today's energy experience has opened up a beautiful world of being, to explore. The shakti shift restored all that I really Love about myself; softness, resource, vibrancy, creativity....


Everything looked and felt beautiful, shiny, after class and it's been a full, flowy creative day. With your guidance, I've learned to tap source for my other half - the beautiful, creative one. She is power; soft power, shiny, attractive, happy. Soooooooo important!!!


I remain here, with me, restful, joyful, not knowing how situations will resolve. Ok not knowing.

It's enough, just to be....I see amazing new possibilities.....but without hurrying toward them.


This is a moment of happy celebration. I'll be encouraging my close ones to come.'



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